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  • Integrate seamlessly with Procore and import all Project Data automatically

  • Automate closeout process and warranty tracking together

  • Keep track of every closeout & warranty item

Struggling with streamlining the Closeout & warranties management ?

Connect with Procore

We help General Contractors use Procore more efficiently for Closeout

CloseoutPro seamlessly integrates with Procore, pulling all the relevant data for your closeout process and importing it directly from Procore into CloseoutPro.

How We Do It?

Integrate with Procore

Integrate with Procore

Just connect with Procore and automatically bring only the relevant information to closeout pro.

Organise data automatically from Procore

Organize data for quick referral

Organize the data systematically and access it with ease on all your devices

Closeout & Warranty tracking

Track your Closeout items

Never miss any closeout items and track the items effectively with an intuitive BI dashboard.

Generate Closeout Manual Automatically

Generate your manual at a click

Standardize project handover by creating an automatically organized & hyperlinked closeout manual.

Track warranty issues

Track your warranty items

Track and resolve all the warranty items on a project.

Automate closeout process

Automate Closeout process

Automate and standardize your closeout documentation process using closeout pro.

Let's closeout a project together



Closeout pro faq


  • Can only the user with Procore admin access create project on Closeout Pro?
    As long as they have access to submittals, drawings, specifications, RFI and project directory the project will integrate with Procore. Any user with admin access to Closeout Pro can create projects and sync it with Procore.
  • Does Closeout Pro pull any financial data from Procore when syncing the project?
    Closeout Pro does not pull any data except project information, drawings, submittals, specifications, RFI and project directory.
  • How many versions of closeout manual will Closeout Pro will retain on a project?
    Closeout pro retains 5 latest versions of the closeout manual
  • Can I create QR codes for only specific category of Closeout items?
    Yes, you can generate QR codes for all or specific categories of closeout items which will be in print ready format to 3x2.5 inch over the counter stickers.
  • Will closeout Pro automatically send reminder emails to the subcontractors and general contractors for overdue items?
    Yes, Closeout pro will send reminders and follow-ups to the subcontractors if they are invited to collaborate on closeout pro.
  • Can I select only specific contacts to visible on closeout project directory?
    Closeout pro enables you to hide or show specific contacts on the directory when you turn it over to the owner. You can also add contacts to the project directory additional to what you have synced from Procore.

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